Sunday, 30 January 2011


Sunday is normally a day when I try to relax and prepare my mind and body for the working week ahead.
As I was in-charge of the kitchen today :), I decided to choose the following ingredients :
* adzuki beans : well, I noticed my first strand of grey hair the other day. I am wearing it with much pride and apart from stress being a factor, I also realise that it is a sign that my melanin levels are dropping which means I need to increase my folic acid content. Adzuki beans is a natural source for folic acid - folic acid helps maintain the natural colouring agent [melanin].

* virgin organic coconut oil : I love cooking with this oil because it helps to enhance the flavour of what I cook. I also love it because after undergoing a total thyroidectomy, this is the supplement I will rather ingest than the pills I was prescribed.

* kalonji seeds : these black tiny seeds are also known as black cumin which produces the black seed oil. It is used in naan bread. As an asthmatic, I read that it could help with this respiratory problem as well as alopecia which was caused by my thyroid problem :(

*mustard seeds/onions/garlic: to help give me that warm feel as it has been very cold lately. All three are rich in selenium which when taken internally, helps to prevent blood clots. Selenium is also useful in the fight against dandruff.

* cardamom : to heat up my body not forgetting my feet which take a lot of battering during the week.


  1. wow I was just diagnose with hypothyroidism, I'm going to have to try the coconut oil.

  2. Hey Akua, how do you use all of these? What foods do you cook with coconut oil?

  3. Aaawww Angelique, let me know how you get on with coconut oil. Mine was hyperthyroidism.


  4. @Michelle, I use the coconut oil to make curry or cook rice with it. I also use it in frying + sauteing vegetables or grilling fish :)