Saturday, 19 March 2011


I like planning ahead but unfortunately, most of my suppliers seem to have a different agenda. It has been quite stressful lately trying to "crack the whip" so imagine my surprise when I returned home from the "cottage" last Wednesday to an e-mail that I had been nominated for the AWE Awards. My reaction was "Say WHAT? Me - 2 nominations!! WOW. Event in Germany?!?!"
I am truly honoured and would like to thank all those who have cast their votes. You may cast yours here

Thank you
Akua Wood
Sheabutter Cottage

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I always seem to get excited at the sight of brown boxes but cringe when i have to lift them up. Although it was quite back breaking for me today, I managed to unpack all these 8 HEAVY boxes of Jamaican black castor oil goodies from Tropic Isle Living.
Sorry about the blurred image - I was very excited as the stress levels were easing off
There is only one way to find out what got delivered including 2 new products - check out the Jamaican black castor oil range at Sheabutter Cottage
Off to burn the midnight oil.

Sheabutter Cottage

Friday, 11 March 2011


You know what it is like when you have good intentions to handmake things. Well, sometimes your plans get delayed due to lack of ingredients and trying to find the right time to slot everything in.

After months of selling out of our lovely sankofa face cream, I can now happily say that we now have a new batch in stock including a limited supply of 100g jars. We still handmake our creams which can sometimes take 4 - 6 hours from preparation to decanting into the jars.
Have a great weekend
Sheabutter Cottage