Friday, 14 January 2011


I am a woman of few words - I can honestly say that without pinching my nose.
I however sometimes like to get things off my chest and what a better way to do that than via the medium of a simple comfortable t-shirt.

Earlier this week, I answered a phone-call from a gentleman asking about our moringa leaf powder. As time went by, we started talking about African politics. This is one area which unfortunately has a very sore place in my heart. I have witnessed most African leaders in denial amongst others.
Anyway, I recently met Kwabena of KayobiClothing. One of Kwabena's t-shirt states "make fufu not war". Fufu is a starchy food in Ghana - best eaten with a lovely bowl of peppery soup. Imagine if most of these African leaders could wear one of these t-shirts sat around a bowl of fufu with soup rather than fighting each other!!!! I can only dream but until that dream becomes reality, why not enjoy the softness of Kwabena's comfortable t-shirts?