Tuesday, 1 February 2011


It depends on where you scratch!!! 7 years ago today, I decided to set up another spoke on the Sheabutter Cottage umbrella. I was not in a creative mind at the time and decided to call it AkuaWood without being vain. What a journey from that very first day - very long, windy, dusty, bumpy, pot-holed with a mirage at times. However, with nerves of steel and eyes dipped in determination, I have picked up few passengers who have helped me to steer the wheel. I am still on the road topping up with my self-funded fuel.
To celebrate the journey so far, I will be posting 7 questions for 7 products to be won from our range over the next 7 days via our Sheabutter Cottage facebook fanpage . Come and join in the fun before the traffic lights change colour :)
Thank you to all those who are still on this journey with us.

Akua Wood
Sheabutter Cottage

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