Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Back in September 2006, I was diagnosed with both over-active thyroid and fibroids. I was wondering why I was loosing so much weight but gaining "a big tummy" and just put it down to stress and my exhausting trip to Northern Ghana in April 2006 as well as being a mum to a disabled daughter. 

I underwent a surgery in October 2007 to remove my thyroid and was put on thyroxin for the rest of my life.  At least, 1 pill a day is better than the 14 pills I used to take to lower the thyroid levels. 

Few months down the line, I am awaiting confirmation of another surgery to remove these huge fibroids which have been upsetting me.  I am getting fed up with waddling around and constantly being asked "when is the baby due".  The pains can be extremely excruciating as the fibroids affect the nerves (especially in my legs) so my doctor decided to prescribe Zydol ® - big mistake.  I am not one for popping pills but decided to try this medication on Saturday evening.  Well, I ended up in bed all day Easter Sunday and I have now developed a rash all over my body :(  I can't believe that a dosage of 2 capsules could do this to me.


Read more information on over active thyroid and fibroids.  Apparently, fibroids are very common in Black women compared to Caucasians (70:30).


  1. Hey, I feel you on the fibroids. I recently had a myomectomy although the ones I had didn't cause me discomfort - it's all about trying to be in the family way for me. I hope you get a date soon for that op - it wasn't bad at all! How about zoladex injections to try shrink them whilst you wait for the surgery? All the best with it all.

  2. Zoladex was great for few months but it also led me on the M road. Hopefully, I will be a "new woman" from next week :-)