Sunday, 20 January 2008


Last Friday, I had plans to take things easy as I have been "running around" all week. However, the rascals had a different idea - they were both off school feeling under the weather. After managing to get them off to sleep in the afternoon, I got myself into the kitchen to concoct this African Black soap sugar scrub.
Lots of patience (about 3 hours)
230g sugar (Whitworths Fairtrade demerara sugar)
66g fractionated coconut oil
The scrub makes 2 x 270g and smells wonderful even without any essential oils. The unrefined cocoa butter gives it a different edge to it. When you get to the M stage, your skin plays games with you. I live in a hard water area and managed to use only a tablespoon size of this scrub. My skin was really soft to touch.
Demerara sugar is very soft so this scrub is a bit porous when applied to the skin.

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  1. Just made and used my first attempt at this - it's a FAB recipe!

    I made slightly less of it and used avocado oil instead of fractionated coconut oil, which Akua has warned me may lessen the shelf life slightly. I'm not sure that'll be too much of an issue though - I love using this scrub so will probably use it all up long before I have to worry about it going off!

    I was going to add essential oils but was glad I listened to what you said about not needing it. It's got a lovely natural chocolatey smell that I really like.

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe :)