Sunday, 20 January 2008


My love of chocolates started at a very early age back in Ghana. It could have been due to the fact that my grandmother (bless her soul) was a cocoa farmer till her late 90's or I just could not resist the full flavoured dense Ghanaian chocolates.

Cocoa was first introduced into Ghana by the late Tetteh Quarshie on his return from a trip to Fernando Po (Equitorial Guinea) in the late 19th Century. Ghanaian cocoa beans are widely used in good quality chocolates.

I earned the nickname cioccolatina in Italy thanks to Raffaele for my love of chocolates. The name means little chocolates in Italian and has become a chosen name for one of my businesses. It was really difficult making these latest products as Valentine gifts as I had to restrain myself from eating the products. They smell fab - if I may say so.

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