Saturday, 12 January 2008


What a week it has been. I had to resume work earlier than the 9th of January as the orders were piling up only to end up working in the cold with no electricity at the "cottage". Yep, there was a problem with the electrics on the farm. Imagine working with thick jumpers and coats for 5 days trying to decant oils that had solidified along side cold buckets of butter.

At least, something good happened this week as Sheabutter Cottage took delivery of more micronized rhassoul. Sheabutter Cottage is now a UK distributor of this fine natural clay.

After months of waiting, I was also able to take delivery of authentic African black soap from Ghana. As part of Sheabutter Cottage's ethical policy, I am proud to help 1 woman help others through trade by representing a small team of women in Ghana build their business. The women are paid a fair price and empowered to produce and sell. Made to a traditional recipe, this soap contains 30% unrefined shea butter.

I really need to get someone on board to help me out with the workload. I have been working on my own for the last 5 years but need a little help especially as the kids are growing up. I hope to sort things out including planning application for the retail section of the "cottage" before my next surgery.

Off to bed now to get some beauty sleep :))

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