Saturday, 14 May 2011


As I sit back and reflect on the journey I have taken as a baby in Kumasi, through the boarding school of Achimota, learning the meaning of ILS and PAPI on a construction project in Accra and being a near middle-aged woman in Berkshire [UK], I smile through all the memories I have.
I have been lucky to always have easy access to toilet facilities from the bog standard to the unimaginable. However, every time I sit down to reflect on my visits to Gumu - Ghana, frustration sets in. Why? Well, because this village still lacks the use of a public place of convenience.
I visited the community in April 2011 and this is the progress so far
The money raised has been used towards the purchase/moulding of blocks for construction. We are still a long way in completing this project and I can not wait to see this community benefit from the use of the KVIP.
So, if you are feeling charitable today then please feel free to donate via this page - GUMU APPEAL Thank you for your kindness
Akua Wood
Sheabutter Cottage

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