Thursday, 19 May 2011


As a soapmaker, I love the magic that happens when I stir a pot of oils with water and sodium/potassium hydroxide. However, I have more fun when I am making soap in a group.
African black soap is not an easy soap to make. It involves smoke, smoke and more smoke and has to be cooked outside in the open space. I had so much fun making a batch back in Ghana in April 2011. Unlike most bars of African black soap on the market, this is unique as it contains unrefined cocoa butter, neem + moringa and it is supplied in pack sizes of 50 for your own packaging/labeling/branding.
I hope you will have fun designing your own label. You can order your pack of soap here


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  2. Thanks for the post on organic products. I have read your whole post and I really liked it. Great Work!