Friday, 15 January 2010


Don't get fed-up hearing me praise the moisturising effect of pure unrefined sheabutter. I spoke to an 83yr old male customer of mine on Wednesday who swears by our unrefined sheabutter.

Here is a repost from our facebook fan-page [09.Jan.10] on how to use this lovely natural ingredient:
Most of us are feeling the chill this winter due to unprecedented weather conditions. Use pure unrefined sheabutter to moisturise your skin/hair against the cold weather.

* Use as a lip balm - just apply as often as needed. This creates a barrier against the wind/cold. You can still use it to help soothe cracked lips.

* Facial moisturiser Use all day. With the radiators on at full blast, you can massage a little bit of pure unrefined sheabutter even at night just before you sleep. Just make sure your face is fully cleansed.

* Heels Don't neglect the heels. Keep them soft as you wear socks and boots to keep you warm.

* Hands Apply some pure unrefined sheabutter on your hands before wearing those thermal gloves. Some gloves can dry your hands in this weather.

* Hair Apply to the hair before wearing the hat. Don't forget around your ears as well. Even if you are bald, it is good to massage some shea onto that patch.

* Body aches With all the snow shovel, it is great to get yourself a massage with pure unrefined sheabutter - it helps to loosen those body aches.

* Nose Yes, there seems to be a lot of sniffles. Massage a bit of shea butter around your nose as it tends to dry out.

* Chest You can massage onto your chest as it also acts as a decongestant - even better if you have some eucalyptus essential oil to add.


  1. aaaw..that testimony is priceless!! Great job Akua!!

  2. Loving the information, and the fact that unrefined shea butter has multiple uses. Thanks Akua!