Wednesday, 27 January 2010


With a bar of chocolate?
As a Ghanaian, being laid back is part of my "makeup". I am however huffing and puffing a lot this week. Stress is not good for me. I don't know if working in a very cold place is affecting this or the fact that most of my supplies have not been delivered.
Thankfully, I have been chomping on some Ghanaian chocolates - boosts my spirit because of the pure cocoa butter content. Well, that is my guilty pleasure :) You can share my guilty pleasure with a 55% off a bite of the BEST chocolate IMHO.

I would love to know how you handle stress - do drop me a line.


  1. Akua,

    This would of my pic for the contest if I had not gobbled them all up within a couple of days of getting them.

  2. aah..that's the million dollar question
    I usually eat chocolate...which at the end is not good because I gained

    the best stress reliever for me was to take my kickboxing classes twice a week. It also helped that the instructor was but it is too cold right now and I am lazy.
    so usually I bake..but then I live by myself and end up stuffing my face which is not good

    I went through a phase where I was making cocoa-butter based body butters instead. But I only have 1 body so I had to it made me crave for chocolate and ice cream

    so I am back to eating chocolates and took advantage of your offer :)

    now if Prince Charming could just knock on my door, we could go out on dates and he could tell me how I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen..that should boost my ego.LOL

  3. Chocolate seems to be a stress buster then :)