Sunday, 25 January 2009


Almost 5 years ago this week, I sat at home thinking of what to do next with my business. At that time, I only had Cioccolatina to think of and decided to start AkuaWood (my namesake) and also our helping hand programme.
There is something rewarding to see where your money ends up and was glad to receive an e-mail this morning about Vele -" .... following an operation on his hare lip, he is now talking ‘a lot more’." You can read more about our programme


  1. how wonderful Akua! You have such a big heart!

  2. Thanks Amina and thanks to all support from our customers ;))

  3. Hi Akua,
    I'm here via Amina (Coup de Ceour) - does this (Akua) mean you were born on a wednesday..?
    I'm short for time this evening but I'll be back - I'm ghanaian by birth (on a wednesday) and my middle name is Ekua - I'm aware it can be spelt different ways..!
    A bientôt (as they say in French)..:)