Thursday, 18 December 2008


I love concocting and abide by almost the same principles for cooking & skincare.
My hair needed serious pampering tonight so I gathered whatever I had at home to treat it and here is what I did. Some of the ingredients are from my garden to show you how fresh the ingredients are.
Please read through:
475g freshly boiled water 35g apple cider vinegar (acv) 15g fresh bay leaves from my garden
2g fresh rosemary sprigs from my garden
52g banana (without the skin)
14g egg yolk
12g fresh root ginger (without the skin)
9g moringa seed powder (or moringa leaf powder)
6g fresh garlic (without the skin)
1. Bruise the bay leaves and rosemary sprigs to release the aroma and put in a glass jug (this helps to retain the heat).
2. Pour the acv over the herbs.
3. Add the freshly boiled water and stir to incorporate. Cover the mixture with a cling film and set aside.
4. Wash your hair with authentic African black soap. Towel dry but leave the hair wrapped up whilst you mix up your “mayonnaise”.
5. Blend all the ingredients for the mayonnaise till smooth. Massage your scalp before applying the mixture – do not comb through. This mixture was thick enough for my rather thick Afro hair. Make sure you cover every strand.
6. Wear a shower cap and keep your hair warm preferably under a hooded hair dryer for 30 minutes. This method can be quite dehydrating so make sure you give yourself 3 x 10minutes intervals – drinking enough water in between.
7. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Strain the “tea” and use as the final rinse.
As it is too late now, I have decided to leave the hair to dry naturally and oil it in the morning.