Friday, 5 December 2008


What have I let myself in for? There was a time when I was learning about SAP values and ingredient properties. Now, I am learning all about beads and wire gauges. I am finding myself winding down every day with more beaded earrings and bracelets. My favourite is the necklace but I seem to forget buying enough for the whole set - at least, I am still learning.
This is my Friday night project - yes, all handmade after the rascals were put in bed tonight.

Sorry about this image - I know - I should have rotated it :)

I keep promising myself to stop making the pieces and start selling but all in good time.


  1. omg! Akua, the sets are gorgeous! Especially the blue one..
    I am not a jewelry person and I can see myself wearing to check out Ashanti girl..
    could you tell us more how you got into beads and making jewelery! thank you :)

  2. omg you aren't busy enough without adding jewellery into the mix? lol! cute-looking stuff....get yourself an etsy shop for it; it's easy to set up!

  3. Thanks Amina. I have always loved beads as they add colour to any garment. This love of mine intensified when I learnt that my grandmother of blessed memory who used to be a cocoa farmer also loved beads - the rest is history :)

    Thanks Patti, I find it "therapeutic" after a long day packing orders to sit down and unwind with beads and wires - LOL. I will be selling the collection through my website.

  4. The jewelry is absolutely stunning. Preparing my wishlist :)

  5. Thanks Ittybitty, take your time with the wishlist. I keep postponing the "real launch date" :)

  6. Good friday night project ! The last earrings are lovely!

  7. Thank you Swanee. I need to get my act together after the festive season to make the set.