Sunday, 26 October 2008


The mere mention of garlic conjures up images of dracula and vampires. So imagine the reaction I got when I had a discussion with some friends on the topic of Cioccolatina garlic shampoo bar.
Garlic contains selenium which when taken internally, helps to prevent blood clots. Selenium is also useful in the fight against dandruff. Another natural component found in garlic is allicin. Allicin is a great anti bacteria component which is also attributed to the strong garlic scent. Sulphur is also present in garlic. This helps to nourish hair, finger nails and skin.

For a simple tea, I crush equal amounts of fresh garlic and ginger, pour hot water over it, cover for 5-10 minutes and drink (without straining). This helps to soothe any sore throat.

Another natural alternative to cough mixture is equal amounts of crushed fresh garlic with honey. This should be prepared as and when needed.

So next time you go shopping, pick a bulb of garlic for your kitchen cabinet.


  1. I love garlic in my food but I'm not sure how palitable it is to drink? Does the soap have a garlic smell?

  2. Steeping the crushed garlic helps. Try it and let me know :))

    Surprisingly, the soap does not smell of the strong garlic scent. This has mellowed over the curing period.

  3. I will add the soap to my list of things to do. It seems there is virtually nothing that can't go in soap :)
    PS I've nominated you for a friendship award, see my blog for details =)

  4. Amazing what resources we have around us when it comes to soap making.
    I hope you have fun with your next batch.
    Thanks for my friendship nomination - off to have a peek @)