Saturday, 7 June 2008


After a hectic morning with a shea "pick-up" by one of my customers, in between decanting organic sapote oil and authentic liquid African black soap, I finally sat down to read the Daily Mail. I normally flick through as nothing seems to catch my attention these days. However, I was rather intrigued to read the following statement: "Eating blueberries can improve your memory and reverse the forgetfulness of old age, research revealed yesterday ............... Scientists found that compounds called flavonoids in blueberries and other fresh fruit interact with nerve cells, increasing communication between them and stimulating the regeneration of brain cells......... Dementia - the decline of cognitive function - affects 700,000 in Britain and is expected to rise to one million in 20 years".

Well on that note, I had better start stuffing my face with some blueberries. I always eat fruit but I could be one of the million when I am hitting 60 - geesh. Off to stock up!

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