Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I love food, I love spices and I love food full of flavour.
Growing up in Labadi - a suburb of Accra (Ghana), kelewele {spiced plantain} was a snack that we sometimes queued to buy 2 streets away from our house. It is best served with roasted peanuts.
Imagine my delight a week ago when I realised that Pepper and Stew Ltd were offering the pre-packaged spice blend – I HAD TO BUY some!!!

After taking time off work today, I decided to make use of the kelewele spice. I blended the spice mix with medium sized onion, small scotch bonnet, fiery Ghanaian skinny ginger {a real pain to peel but worth it} and a teaspoon of water not forgetting a pinch of salt to enhance the flavour.
The paste was added to the plantain and left to “marinade” in the fridge for almost 2 hours before frying it. The end result is one glorious snack which I really enjoyed and brought back good memories of living close to the beach in Ghana.
The one down-side (for me personally) is the taste of cloves still lingering in my mouth. All in all, it is a great blend and I am really proud of PepperandStew for offering this to those of us with a diverse palate.

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