Saturday, 1 October 2011


Good afternoon on this nice and sunny first day of a new month.
My cheeks feel warm to touch but not because of the warm weather but because of your support - thank you to everyone.
Yes, your order does make a difference and I can confirm that we have today paid health insurance for all 118 members of the 2 shea co-ops [Gubdanda + Gub-Kati-Gbai] in Ghana as well as Arahanatu Abukari  (circled below) who is 7 years old and lives in Gumu.
(image taken at the Gubdanda inauguration in June 2010)

Arahanatu attends a school about 3 miles from home. Her mother Memunatu works at the shea co-op she will receive her share towards her education as follows:
₵20 per term
₵40 for books for the year
₵20 for school uniforms (including fabric + sewing)
₵5 health insurance
₵15 for 2 pairs of second-hand shoes

Thank you very much for supporting our helping hand programme which is stretched beyond Ghana.

Have a great month
Sheabutter Cottage

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