Friday, 23 July 2010


I seem to be working quite late these days ♥ I made a big batch of moringa pomade and posted the link on our Facebook fanpage around midnight on Thursday so it was really nice to receive this message this afternoon
Did i tell you how much i love the moringa pomade? I love love love it! I have to say I hate picking a favorite between the three hair butters/pomades but the!! I am not sure which ingredient is responsible for defining the hair so much .. and the scent of palm[kernel] oil...yummy!! just had to tell you that!!!
I hope I have made enough to get your hair all nice and soft with a little shine :) Read more about this handmade natural moringa pomade via our site


  1. I agree the Moringa Pomade is my fav, anything that is able to keep my twist moisturized through 5 days of wearing a hat in Hot Vegas is AMAZING!!!

  2. Aaawww, thank you Angelique.