Saturday, 1 May 2010


After months and months of never ending planning, O'hana Passion is finally born. Inauguration is scheduled for 5th June 2010 and we have decided to allow you to bid on this lovely handmade natural shea gift via eBay with every penny donated to O'hana Passion.
O'hana Passion [] is a registered local humanitarian organisation in Ghana that seeks the welfare and holistic development of disadvantaged and vulnerable children.
* VISION: Reaching out to disadvantaged and vulnerable children with love
* MISSION: Ensuring the psychosocial well being of the disadvantaged and vulnerable child
* OBJECTIVES: To show love, guidance and attention. Mobilise resources to improve care and support
Place your bids now and let us help put a smile on a child's face.


  1. I am soooo happy for you and woow!!
    Can I bid without having an ebay account?

  2. June 5th is a great day!!! I might be a little bias since that's my b-day ;)

  3. @Amina - thanks. I think you need an eBay account for the bid ;)

    @Angelique - I shall be thinking of you on that day :)