Friday, 6 November 2009


November is a great month. Not only is Cioccolatina 7 years old this month, it also good to see a little bit of sun shining through the silver clouds with russet leaves falling down. Well, we are on the lookout for Cioccolatina's biggest fan :) Let your voice be heard and you could win yourself a £10 gift certificate.

Don't be harsh on your skin this winter! What will be in your survival kit? Well, 2 products jump out to the rescue:

1. Karité soap : packed with more than 70% of pure unrefined non-deodorised fair trade shea butter.

2. Whipped shea : just pure 100% unrefined non-deodorised fair trade shea butter.

As an independent ethical business and direct importer, we are very proud to support a lovely co-op in Ghana who have continued to supply is for the last 6 years with quality unrefined sheabutter: * with less than 1% moisture content
* with characteristic natural scent
* with excellent low free fatty acid
* with no presence of lead nor mercury
* with a very good peroxide level
* with a very high amount of vitamin A
* with a high amount of nonsaponifiable fraction compared to refined shea
We believe in empowerment, we believe in quality, we believe in ethical trading, we believe in communities.

If you fancy sending these lovely products as a gift, then have a look at what we can offer.

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