Saturday, 20 September 2008


I recently found myself visiting Liverpool. Liverpool is a city in North West England and is known as the home of the Beatles, the European capital of culture 2008 and for me personally, the home of the best football team (Liverpool FC). It is the only UK city with 2 cathedrals (Catholic & Anglican) with the latter being one of the largest in Europe. Apart from gaining wealth through the slave trade [....], it has also amassed a wealthy selection of fashionable shops.

The last time I visited this city was years ago when my sole intention was shopping for clothes. Now with 2 rascals and a husband in toe, my attention was what I could enjoy on foot. The city is just amazing with a lot of pedestrianised streets - it reminds me a bit about Brussels.

I found myself behind the Liver building after a long walk through the rather beautiful well structured centre. My feet were aching and it was just the perfect time to hop onto the sightseeing bus and this is just a few of what I managed to capture with my camera.

I could not help but notice a rather odd looking building close to the Liver building. My sincere apologies if you own a bit of this building. I am no architect but this must be one of the hideous buildings I have ever set my eyes on.

If you want to see what is happening in Liverpool, then I would advise that you get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes beforehand ..

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