Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Dear Adam Crozier/David Smith

As a small business, I rely on the services of Royal Mail/ParcelForce in sending packages to my customers all over the world. I do not have much choice in selecting alternative "couriers" as you have a monopoly over the postage of small packages.

It has been a rather stressful year for my business for lack of due diligence on your part.

#1: Package sent to Germany on 14th February 2007 did not arrive at it's destination till 23rd July 2007!!!! A replacement package was sent in the interim

"I opened the parcel and was absolutely shocked because I found a terrible mess! Every single butter-box, even the big ones with Cocoa and Kokum are broken. The butters mixed up all over the place, the floor of the parcel a little wet as well as your voucher. The Sheabutter has got a strange colour (I don't know, maybe it's ok: between grey and green?) and doesn't smell as good as the one you sent me in the second parcel. To make a long story short: Unbelievable!"

#2: Package booked for 24 hour delivery to The Netherlands arrived 48 hours later. Why charge for this amount if you can't fulfil? Documents sent for compensation have gone missing!!!

#3: Package sent to an address in London on 5th November was returned to me without notifying my customer of attempted delivery!!!

#4: Customer was not notified of attempted delivery on package sent to an address in Glasgow!!!

#5: Package sent to Scotland on a first class service was delivered 4 days later. I can't even view the EOD although it has been a week since the package was delivered:

"was delivered from our ****** Delivery Office on 30/11/07. Thank you for using this service. Sorry, an electronic proof of delivery is not available for this item."

#6: Package sent to London on the 8th of November was delivered on 30th November??? using first class service:


"Your item with reference DW*********GB was delivered from our ILFORD Delivery Office on 30/11/07.

Thank you for using this service. Sorry, an electronic proof of delivery is not available for this item"

The replacement package sent on 21st November using the same service was delivered on 27th November


#7: Package sent to Norway on 22nd November can not be tracked???

This is just a selection of case studies.

What is the point in paying that bit extra for your tracking system if most of the packages can not even be tracked??

I have received packages which were supposed to be signed for but have been left on my door step.

I would appreciate that you look into all these flaws and implement a better service including your customer service. Better service does not warrant price increases - you need to re-write your code of ethics.

Your frustrated customer

Akua Wood


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