Friday, 9 November 2007


It has been very busy down here at the "cottage" amidst no power/heating. Anyway, my power was eventually back on the other day as the electricians tried to save my skin from freezing.
Am I the lucky girl in town? Why? Well, because I have a new water heater which was installed at the "cottage". After 2 years of no hot water (apart from boiling water in the kettle) to use, Mark and Phillip managed to install one for me. No more excuses.
Today is exactly 5 weeks since I had my surgery and can report that things are looking good. The scar is healing so it is obviously itching at the moment and I have to resist scratching it. My friend in Scotland has made me a blend of helichyrsum with some organic rosehip oil which I hope to add to some creamy unrefined shea butter with a touch of camellia kissi oil.

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