Wednesday, 3 October 2007


I heard my nephew ask me this afternoon. Well, I am worried stiff.
After another trek through Royal Berks today for yet another blood test, I noticed that my details were not correct on the form. The request for the test was meant for me but the form was in another patient's name. Oh dear! I just hope that my hospital notes are not swapped with any other patient.

Today has been a rather hectic day. Early start to Gatwick airport, hospital, office to pack the few remaining orders and then the post office. The first post office was shut (half day), the second had a long queue and the third one - well, no customers - just a friendly post mistress!!.

I am huffing and puffing and really need to calm down. Can someone please send me a glass of "double" Baileys® with lots and lots of ice.

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